What the Papers Say

About Salvation In The Ground: 

"Salvation [In] the Ground is a gem, with music that becomes richer and more personal as you get to know it better.”
          -Sara Reifman (Grateful Web)

"These are songs that make you want to stick your hand out the window and play airplane as you glide down canyons on mountain drives.”
          - Marquee Mag (4 out of 5 stars)

“But for all the shining moments, none shine brighter than "Everybody Knows," a deeply soulful, heart-on-the-sleeve, take-no-prisoners ballad that is arguably one of 2012's best songs.. It is the very definition of an artistic mission statement. This is the kind of song that many artists strive lifetimes to write and never do. Thompson has hit a homerun with this one and it is something he should not lose sight of.”  
          -Gregory Robson (

"Allen’s songs are easy-fitting like “Last Goodbye” and “Virginia,” but the striking thing about the ATB is the mood. Spirits lift, and hips shake. The songs extend on wings of clean melodic guitar ideas that develop and conjure. Vocal harmonies stack three and four deep with choral fullness. Syncopated rhythms jiggle and rub against one another like horny teenagers. And whatever innocence we still had left in 1972 is reawakened. I hope very much to catch a full show by these guys this spring or summer in an outdoor setting where all those vibes could swirl even more freely."
          -Craig Havighurst (Music City Roots)

"As for Allen Thompson, well we’ve been amazed at his growth and his band’s connectedness and spirit. We’ve included one of their previous performances for a best-of anthology we’ll be releasing soon, and we anticipate an uplifting, danceable set enriched by superior songs. If Hippie Radio is looking for new artists who fit every criteria of their timeless playlist, the ATB is a perfect candidate."
          - Craig Havighurst. (Music City Roots)

About Allen, In General: 

“Sometimes, Allen Thompson sounds like he’s just barely hanging on at the edge of frenzy. Whether he’s fueled by angst or ecstasy is a good question.”
          -Vintage Guitar Magazine

“Allen Thompson is one of the best new artists to come out of the South in recent times.”
          -Chuck Leavell

"I especially enjoyed Thompson, who has dialed into a sound that could only really fall under the Americana category, with its acoustic/electric fusion and its bright melodic songcraft."
          -Craig Havighurst

"Allen makes music that is the very heart of Country & Americana music. The kind of song that’s honest, not sugar coated, & has the ability to stand the test of time."
         -Music City Interactive

What Allen Says:

An archive of interviews and performances. 

We'll be posting new clips to this section often, so keep checking back. 

Interview in the Roanoke Times

Interview in New York Minute Magazine

Allen's appearance at East Side Storytellin'

Country Fried Rock  Interview. Thanks to Sloane Spencer for permission to use clips from her show. The full CFR interview can be found here.

Nashville Experience Interview